Laser Etching

Laser etching assures a Lasting Impression!

Scorpion Logo Etched Rocker Arm

Our etching service assures a product creates a lasting impression and increases brand identity. A company’s logo, name and/or part number can be permanently laser etched on every item produced, thereby making that item instantly recognizable as being a certain brand, size, etc.

Anodize can laser logos, lot numbers

Etching can also be used for LOT numbers to ensure lot traceability such as on medical and aerospace parts. This is required by many companies’ quality control policies, as well as for compliance as required by some federal regulatory agencies.

Scorpion Racing Products Fuel Rail Kit

Laser etching is the process by which a laser beam will remove material from the surface of the part by vaporizing or melting it. Etching, as the name implies, results in a surface mark with minimal penetration into the part. Anodize's Epilog Laser Call Anodize today at 352-512-0800 to discuss our laser etching service. 

Custom Logos

Get Your Custom Logos laser etched right onto your parts.

Part Numbers

Part Numbers can be laser etched right onto your parts.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers can be laser etched right onto your parts.


Instrumentation laser etching ensures readability.